Free Succubus Short Story!


So I talked with my editor a while back – I wanted to do a freebie for my series. Just a small something as a ‘thank you’ for everyone that’s read my books so far and was hoping for more. There will be more in book 3, right? But book 3 is still so far away (December!)…

I wrote a prologue for the Succubus Diaries — you might recall that book 1 starts with her waking up in a Dumpster after a crazy night and meeting two rather unique individuals. So…I wrote the prologue to show a little bit more about how that night went down.

I hope you enjoy it! It’s short and sweet and (I think) sets up some interesting teases for MY FAIR SUCCUBI, in which some questions are answered.

To download the short — entitled FOREPLAY, naturally — click on the banner above or go directly to the Simon & Schuster website. It’s available until June 18th, so ACT NOW QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED.

Let me know what you think, guys!

(And yes, you do have to put in your email address, but you want to be notified about free stuff anyhow, right? Right.)