FOREPLAY up on Smashwords and Kindle

In an effort to make my stuff easier to download for the ebook crowd, FOREPLAY – my succubus diaries prequel short – is now up on Amazon (as well as Smashwords). I’m hoping it’ll eventually make its way over to B&N as well.

You might notice that it’s set to $0.99 cents. It’s not that I’m looking to make craptons of money on the darn thing. It’s that Kindle won’t let me set it to free. $0.99 cents was the lowest price I could set on it. So if you want to buy it, that is perfectly groovy with me!

(You might also notice that it is $0.99 cents on Smashwords. I did this because I want it to be included in the premium catalog and eventually be ported over to B&N. But I think you can also port over freebies? So I am looking at changing this. It simply did not occur to me at the time. Swiftness, thy name is not Jill.)

If you do not want to buy it, it remains free on the web, but without the sassy nekkid hip. If you want a free copy of it, you can download it here on the Simon & Schuster website.

In another week or two, I’ll be adding Zane’s Tale to these sites as well.