Wild & Steamy is up!

I’m still updating various webpages but all you need to know is that you can NOW buy WILD & STEAMY!

It’s available on Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, and will be up on the Nook soon. If you are a Sony/Apple/Kobo customer, it will be up there as soon as the feeds kick in. :)

I really enjoyed the heck out of this anthology. If you are a fan of Meljean Brook’s steampunk series or Carolyn Crane’s Disillusionists, you really need to read this (and not just because I can ride their coattails!).  What I like best? All three stories are sexy, romantic, and you don’t have to read the other series that they feature just to grasp what’s going on. They totally stand alone! And they show just how talented my writing buddies are.  Seriously, I feel like the dead weight in that anthology, but we all had so much fun working together. It’s one of the projects I’m proudest of, and I hope everyone loves it!

For those curious about the contest, we’ll be posting the winner in a day or two! stay tuned!!