State of the Union

Just a quick roundup of what I’m working on right now, and what I have planned out for the future.

These are things that must happen:

Midnight Liaisons #2 – Currently at 60k in first draft.  Was hoping to finish this by the end of August but, well. Hoping now for end of September with a clean draft to turn in. I changed plots mid-stream and now it needs some fixing on both ends. Contracted.

Succubus, Interrupted – At 5k and my side project for when things get rough with the main project. It’s moving along and reminds me just how much I like the characters. Probably at 12-15k when all is said and done. Will self-pub, hopefully by end of Sept.

The Care and Feeding of Alpha Males – Berkley Heat #2 – Need to have this done by mid-December. Have not started. Contracted.

Succubi Are Forever – Have a few chapters, but might have to scrap them. Need to have this done by Jan/Feb. Self-pub.

Midnight Liaisons #3 – Lord. I have not even thought about this yet. But it’s probably due by next Summer. Contracted.


These are projects that are on a ‘as I feel like it’ basis, but I do want to work on them:

Sunlight – Side project #2, another book in my ‘Light’ series. These are short, erotic romances with a time-travel/fairy tale twist. This is about 2k and will end up being less than 20k, but it’s a lower priority for me. Self-pub.

The Art of Love and War – My frothy Victorian! Which needs a better title! It’s at 55k and I have no idea why I stopped writing it. Found my notes on how to finish it, so it might be a side project soon enough. No clue what I’d do with it when I’m done. Self pub? Submit? No clue.

‘Betrothed’ – My vampire fantasy romance. It’s finished, but it needs a rewrite, but I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with it, so it lingers in the ‘maybe soon’ pile. Again, no clue what I’d do with when I’m done.

‘King Unkempt’ – My Thrushbeard retelling. It’s finished, but it needs a rewrite. The plot is a little too pat. Probably will resend to my agent.


These are a gleam in my eye. AKA, I would love to have the time to work on them, but they keep getting shuffled lower on the priority scale:

Fireblood – My ‘Reign of Fire’ meets ‘Pern’ romance. Yeah. It’s weird. I have 50 pages and want more. It’s just finding the time.

‘Made’ Marian – My Robin Hood time travel. I have 50 pages of this story and lust at the thought of having time to finish it.

Cursebreaker – My alternate reality Roman Empire Urban Fantasy. Yeah.

Valkyrie Stuff – Both drafts suck. I started a new reimagining but it’s 70 pages and feels derivative of another author. It keeps going back into the pile. Repeatedly.

Top Secret Succubus Diaries Story – A spinoff of events in book 4. I can’t share more. But I like the idea and want to play with it.

Heavier Metal – My steampunk concept. It doesn’t yet know if it wants to follow Plot A or Plot B, and it doesn’t know if it wants to be a romance or not. I’m not a huge reader of steampunk, though? So this might forever stay in the ‘gleam’ project pile. You know how you get ideas and you love them, but they don’t feel like ‘your’ ideas? This feels like that, but I love the concept. So we’ll see.



Well! That felt cathartic for me, if not anyone else. It seems less overwhelming when it’s listed. I’m the kind of girl that likes to have a steady stream of deadlines in order to keep me motivated, so if it seems like there’s a lot on my plate…well, there is. This is what keeps me going!